Chain store Jewellery, offering a variety of Jewelry & Timepieces as the perfect gift to create valuable memories to all party as receiver and giver in every happiness & success occasion. With over 30 years of international professional expertise and eye for impeccable quality.

Started brand “NGOUN SENG HENG” Traditional Gold Jewelry Trading.

10th year anniversary launch jewelry business the first flagship Jewelry LIFESTYLE JEWELRY FOR YOU.

Expanded for jewelry business and rebranding to NGOUN GOLD & GEMS NGG Gold and Jewellery chain store.

The upstream processed procurement of raw materials and Rough Diamond and Gemstone Cutting and Polishing well established relationship with diamond and gemstone suppliers around the world.

The Original Design Manufacturing was well established as R&D team.

Our craftsman designed The Bottle of Floral Sincerely, which was the most expensive perfume bottle in the World for royalty. (approx. 15 million THB)

Our developing team achieved the 111 facet diamond cutting under the concept The One Love Diamond.

Again NGG success for 88 facet diamond cutting under the concept The Infinity Love Diamond Proudly present our infinity 88 cut brand.

In the same year NGG collaborated with the famous Swiss watch distributor company and registered new brand as NGG Timepieces.

NGG Timepieces joined with ROLEX, along with NGG Gold and Jewellery chain store in Udonthani, Thailand.