Our Knowhow

At NGG Aesthetic and Quality are objective in our creation. Designers and craftsman collaborate to achieve the goal. Blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology make sense of uniqueness and innovation in our products.

In new product development, Designers integrated time-honored techniques, metallurgy, gemology and cutting edge technology into beautiful jewelry, enhance the image of wearer and improve the value of components in jewelry.

Considered design will be created to 3D model. The 3D model will be though over both engineering and aesthetic dimensions to ensure in perfect appearance, comfort and durability of jewelry. However, this is also improve material utilization.

We are located in a center of gemstone trading in Bangkok. With a high quality diamond and colored stone cutting line in house, diamonds, gemstones and precious metal will be verified by our laboratory. Certainly ensure that all pieces of material will be qualified, we perform work to the highest quality standards.

Skilled craftsman, precise machines and quality controlling in every process have been employed and developed in our production to ensure that customers always receive most beautiful and highest quality jewelry from us.