Originate from Heritage

Here at NGG, we consider ourselves a center for all of your precious jewelry needs. Attuned to the needs of both industry professionals and clients of all levels, NGG offers stylish and high quality precious jewelry that inspire beautiful memories and are the perfect accompaniment to your moments of happiness and success.

International-grade, professional full line luxury jewelry made to the finest, most reliable standards. In 2002, a new chapter in the company’s history began with the name change from Nguan Seng Heng to NGG Nguan Gold And Gems, reflecting our executive board’s vision about the changes in society. The rapid growth of internationalization and the resultant shift in consumer tastes and behavior could be seen in an increased appreciation of fine jewelry, gold and gemstones. Fine jewelry was becoming a lifestyle good for the greater public, a valid source for investment, and as always remained a valuable gift to celebrate the exceptional moments in life.

Having enjoyed success in our offerings of premium-quality jewelry at wholesale prices, we soon expanded our branches and decided to invest in providing our customers with the utmost security and peace of mind in the quality of their purchase. With the purchase of any NGG-natural glamour gift jewelry, our customers can be reassured that each piece comes from 100% natural sources, and would only rise in value and cherished memories with each year. Designed with the concept of “lifestyle jewelry for you” under the supervision of world-renowned Italian designer, each piece is created to be a seamless and delightful complement to the wearer’s style and way of life.

NGG | lifestyle jewelry for you offers a professional one-stop service for all your fine jewelry needs: from manufacturing and production, import/export as well as selling to both wholesale and retail markets. With our extensive network of branches and impeccable service standards, we strive to exceed expectations and enjoy the trust and confidence of our valued customers.